Thanks for visiting! The A.P.E. Agricultural Pollen Extractor has automated the refining of agricultural media for the user. Unwanted media is separated from wanted media through an agitation process utilizing gravity.

Unrefined media is placed into the barrel and then into the machine. The results of the agitation process is refined product, which is deposited on to the tempered glass pull out catch tray for easy collection.

The refining screen on the barrel can be quickly changed to outfit the machine for extraction of 180 micron sized particles and 220 micron sized particles. Please note that the extra bag is not included but can easily be purchased on our Products page.

We are happy to be the first with this revolutionary design in extracting pollen.
It will improve the production and accuracy in your plantation!

In this video demonstration we are processing lavender buds to extract the pollen, dried lavender buds are especially noted for their long-lasting fragrance. Great for sachets and crafts, wedding toss and other special occasion decor.

Check out our Youtube page for more video demonstrations of the Agricultural Pollen Extractor, you can also view the Barrel Assembly by clicking on this link.